Rc + Jaxton

In honor of Father’s Day, today’s post is a throwback to this incredibly sweet father-son session that I did for Rc and his little boy, Jaxton. Rc is in the Army and deployed overseas shortly after our session took place last year. While all my sessions are special, this one was particularly meaningful because Rc was going to be deployed during his son’s first Christmas. Even though photos wouldn’t be able to make up for the missing time, at least Rc would carry these with him.

My goal in every session is to capture authentic moments; it was important to me that I take photos that showed the way Rc genuinely interacts with his son. The magic happens on the spur of the moment. I love catching an unprompted kiss between a couple, a child impulsively somersaulting in the grass, or in this case, Rc playing airplane with his son. Rc spent the session holding Jaxton, making silly faces, and tossing him in the air. He was doing what dads do best: all the things that make his son happy.

To all the amazing dads out there like Rc, especially those serving our country, happy Father’s Day!

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