Let's Start At The Beginning

I remember my very first camera. 

When I was four, my mom came into the playroom where I was undoubtedly creating a mess -- my nickname growing up was "The Crumb Princess" -- and asked me if I wanted to see something. She handed me two things: a box of crackers and a Kodak disposable camera. After explaining how to use it I began excitedly snapping photos ...and quickly ran out of film. Go me. Luckily, my mom was prepared and had a back-up camera for me and four-year-old me learned that I needed to pick and choose my shots wisely. I also learned how to keep my valuable equipment safe from the grasp of my sticky little brother. Anyway.

Today I shoot with my beloved Nikon D3400. It may not be the most expensive or the highest-quality camera on the market but I no longer have the issue of limited film like my old Kodak and if I want to shoot something, I shoot. Therefore, I end up with thousands of photos. Inevitably, as with most photographers, I choose only a few to actually publish. Deciding which photos to post can be really difficult.

I never felt that this was a strong enough shot for Instagram, but it's one I keep coming back to

I never felt that this was a strong enough shot for Instagram, but it's one I keep coming back to

Sometimes I hate every shot I've taken. Sometimes there are shots I felt great about in the moment but end up being a bust in post-production. Sometimes I love 17 of them and can't pick my favorite. When I make the decision to post one to Instagram it's because I have a gut feeling that at least one person will connect to it. In my blog I want to show you the ones I've posted and those that didn't make the cut -- the ones that tell a different part of the story. It's my hope that through some brutal honesty (and a little self-deprecation), you can relate to my process and be inspired to pursue your passion, too. Maybe this will even be like a good cautionary tale. Some of you may even cringe at my rookie moves. 

This might be a little unconventional but I hope you enjoy it all the same.



PS. My full name is Haley Clare Joyce. Three first names, I know. Anyway I've always been called Haley Clare. I wasn't blessed with height so I've got a mouthful of a first name instead and I love it.