The Brand Family

Hi everyone! As Fall got way more… ~Fall-like~, I was really excited to get out into the leaves. Luckily, I found a family who was just as excited as I was. I’m so excited to share a few of the highlights from my session with the sweet Brand family!

  • What’s cuter than glasses and plaid on a toddler? Not much! I’m not sure there are words that accurately describe how utterly ADORABLE little Caleb is. Joshua and Jordan are so sweet and positive; we laughed the entire session. I love when I meet a family who has as much fun playing in the leaves as I do. In the moments between setting up each shot, I got to see these two crack up watching Caleb play in the grass and run full-speed down the sidewalk.

  • Caleb is a little over a year old, extremely adventurous, and constantly moving! Jordan warned me before our session that he would definitely be a moving target, and she came through on that promise. Secretly I think he knew how funny he was. He also had a LOT to say! Even though Caleb was a fast mover I have plenty of experience from my nanny days in college and a fast shutter speed so he was no match for me ;)

  • We got lucky with the weather during our shoot. It was in the 50s, no breeze, and the perfect amount of cloud coverage. We did the session during the indisputably beautiful Golden Hour.

    Thank you to the Brand family for trusting me with such a precious shoot!!!